n. (pl. tellings-off) colloq. a reproof or reprimand.

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scolding, chiding, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reproof, lecture, row
FORMAL castigation, upbraiding
COLLOQ. dressing-down, ticking-off, bawling-out, talking-to, slap/smack on the wrist, rap over the knuckles, flea in someone's ear, rocket, wigging, carpeting, earful

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reprimand, criticism, dressing-down (informal), lecture, rebuke, reproach, reproof, scolding, talking-to, ticking-off (informal)

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noun (informal). See reprimand noun.

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telling-offˈ noun
A reprimand
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Main Entry:tell

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telling-off UK US noun [countable] [singular telling-off plural tellings-off] informal
an occasion when you tell someone that you are angry with them for something that they have done
Thesaurus: criticisms and accusationssynonym

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ˌtelling-ˈoff [telling-off tellings-off] noun usually singular (pl. ˌtellings-ˈoff)(BrE, informal)
the act of speaking angrily to sb, especially a child, because they have done sth bad
Example Bank:

The nurse gave him a telling-off for smoking in the hospital.

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